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A case of the Mondays: 12 pets who just want to go back to bed

Inspired by a picture of Wrangler nestled in his blanket, readers submitted photos of their own seriously sleepy pets.
/ Source: TODAY

Yet another Monday? Yawn... Wrangler was looking pretty sleepy last week when TODAY producer Brittany Haviland took his picture.

Luckily for the show's tired pup, he's not alone. After seeing the photo of Wrangler on TODAY's Facebook page, readers shared images of their own sleepy pets.

Below are 12 of our favorite submissions. These drowsy dogs and cats make us want to go right back under the covers!

Husky with stuffed monkey
\"Wrangler looks comfy like my Bella Bleu,\" wrote owner Betty Blackmore.Facebook / Betty Blackmore

"Wrangler looks comfy like my Bella Bleu," wrote Facebook user Betty Blackmore.

Dog in bed
Ready for some cuddles?Facebook / Amanda Wyatt

Ready for some cuddles? Facebook user Amanda Wyatt's pup just stole our hearts.

Dog and baby asleep on the floor
\"No one wants up in our house!\" wrote mom and dog owner Rachel Hurt.Facebook / Rachel Hurt

"No one wants up in our house!" wrote mom and dog-owner Rachel Hurt.

Chihuahua curled up in blankets
\"Sugar isn't a morning puppy, either,\" wrote owner Stephanie Sandage Buchanon.Facebook / Stephanie Sandage Buchanon

"Sugar isn't a morning puppy, either," commented Facebook user Stephanie Sandage Buchanon.

Cat with blanket
\"Not a doggy, but Max still loves his blanket,\" wrote owner Juli 'Morris' Harris.Facebook / Juli 'Morris' Harris

"Not a doggy, but Max still loves his blanket!" wrote owner Juli 'Morris' Harris.

Husky dog peeking out of the covers
\"Shadow not wanting to get out of bed,\" wrote owner Jaime Baxter Emerick.Facebook / Jaime Baxter Emerick

"Shadow not wanting to get out of bed," captioned owner Jaime Baxter Emerick.

Sleeping dog under blanket
\"Let sleeping dogs lie\" is my motto!Facebook / Catherine Rausch Taylor

"Let sleeping dogs lie" is our new motto, thanks to Catherine Rausch Taylor's adorable pup.

Dog and bunny under blankets
Here are two different species who think you should go back to sleep.Facebook / Rachel Baumann

Facebook user Rachel Baumann's pets reminded us that snuggling is even better with company.

Dog tucked under covers
Can somebody hit snooze on my alarm, please?Facebook / Kim Yourek

Can somebody hit snooze on my alarm, please? "Taffie Apple's favorite thing to do is 'go tucky-tucky'!" wrote his owner, Kim Yourek.

German Shepard under blankets
\"Luna-Tuna says it's too early, too,\" wrote owner Erin Alva.Facebook / Erin Alva

"Luna-Tuna says it's too early, too," wrote owner Erin Alva.

Dog in bed
\"Don't you dare pull back those covers!\"Facebook / Kimberly Ann Glynn

"Don't you dare pull back those covers!" Kimberly Ann Glynn's dog is ready for a long nap. And so are we!