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Two-headed turtle gains thousands of followers on Facebook

Paul Garcia / Today
Thelma and Louise in her exhibit at the San Antonio Zoo in Texas.

Two-headed turtle Thelma and Louise now has two things in common with its namesake: Texas and celebrity status. The bisephalic Texas cooter, born at the San Antonio Zoo on June 18, is now certifiably Facebook famous with over 3,200 followers and counting.

The zoo created a personal page for the turtle on July 23, but traded that one for a celebrity account on Monday morning, due to a "tremendous outpouring of support by our fans," according to a post. In the coming weeks, the zoo will continue to share news and updates on the turtle's development.

And so far it seems all is well with Thelma and Louise, who currently resides in the zoo's Friedrich Aquarium. According to the zoo, the heads are getting along well, and they've been eating and swimming together in unison.

"For the past few weeks, this little turtle has been doing well," zoo spokesperson Debbie Vanskike said in a statement. "They are feeding, growing and exploring their environment and now they are ready to share their lives on Facebook!"

The zoo is also sharing more whimsical details with the public — like tidbits about the turtle's diet habits.

"Thelma is partial to earthworms but Louise is crazy about flies," the page's "personal interests" section reads. "Louise has always been the party animal while Thelma is a bit more thoughtful and reserved."

Thelma showing some "tude" early in the morning, according to the Facebook page.

Though the cooter was born over a month ago, the zoo still receives inquiries from guests and people all over the world, which was the main impetus for starting a Facebook page in the first place.

"We thought this would be a good, fun way to keep everyone up-to-date on them," the zoo's Marketing Coordinator Elizabeth Castillo told