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Tumbles the 2-legged puppy takes first steps with 3D-printed wheelchair

There's cute, and then there's so cute you may never recover. Get ready to learn about Tumbles.
/ Source: TODAY

Meet Tumbles. He's a 6-week-old terrier-beagle mix and, as all puppies are, is probably the most adorable thing you have ever seen in your entire life.

He also was born without two legs, which means he's spent the last six weeks living closer to the ground than most other puppies. Now, he's been doing fine — hey, everybody adapts, right? But the folks at the Friends of the Shelter Dogs in Athens, Ohio thought he could do even a little better, if he had some support.

And some wheels.

Because this little guy is so small, adustments need to be made to his new wheels. — with Karen Pilcher.Crystal Richmond/Facebook

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Enter the Ohio University Innovation Center, which used a 3-D printer to fashion a tiny set of wheels and support for the pup ... and thanks to a video, we can now see what his first driving lesson was like!

TumblesCrystal Richmond/Facebook

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