Top dog! Stray pooch becomes newest member of Milwaukee Brewers

Hank the dog overlooks the baseball field.
Hank the dog overlooks the baseball field.Milwaukee Brewers

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By Amy Eley
Hank, a stray dog who has become a part of the Milwaukee Brewers team, overlooks the baseball field during spring training. Today

It looks like there’s a new walk-on addition to the Milwaukee Brewers.

After roaming into the professional baseball team's spring training camp in Phoenix, Ariz., a stray dog has become the Brewers' unofficial spring training mascot, and a popular part of the team.

The small pooch was spotted on Feb. 17 when he wandered into the team’s camp. Staff posted photos of the dog in attempts to reunite him with his family, but to no avail. After a visit to the vet, a good bath and a stop at the team store to pick out a jersey, the dog, named Hank after retired baseball player Hank Aaron, is becoming a member of the Brewers family.

"He could not have wandered into a better situation," Tyler Barnes, the team's vice president of communications, told "He's got a family of more than 50 players and double the number of staff who love him every bit as much as a family could."

Hank spends his days hanging out with the players in the clubhouse, visiting with staff and even joins the team on the field during their workouts. When the day is over, the dog, whose breed has not been identified, goes home with different members of the organization.

"There are daily arguments of who's going to take him home to board him for the night," Barnes said. 

While spring training ends March 27, it looks like Hank's future is in good hands. He will most likely be adopted by a member of the organization and start a new life in Wisconsin. 

"Hank's days as a stray, one way or the other, are over," Barnes said. "The biggest adjustment Hank will have to make from here is facing Wisconsin winters after being in southern Arizona."