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Too cute! Three Australian koalas caught spooning during a nap

Cute alert: Three adorable koalas were caught cuddling up for a nap this week.

In a photo released by Sydney, Australia’s Taronga Zoo, 18-month old Sydney, Milli and 12-month-old Tucker can be seen spooning during a nap in one of the exhibit’s trees.

Three koalas enjoy a nap at the Taronga Zoo.

The koalas have become close friends within the exhibit since they were moved away from their mothers last month. In a press release, the zoo said that the three joeys spend their time playing, eating and sleeping close together, often on top of one another.

“Tucker is usually the poor guy on the bottom. I think he goes to sleep first and then the girls find a comfy spot on top of him,” koala keeper Laura Jones said in the press release. “He seems to quite like it at the moment though, as it may remind him of cuddling with his mum.”

The three pals could stick together for up to a year at the zoo, providing that they keep getting along.

“Koalas quite enjoy a cuddle when they’re juveniles, but as they get older, they become more independent and want their own space,” Jones said. “If these three start battling over places to perch, we’ll separate them, but at the moment, they’re happy living together.”

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