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Tom Brady becomes cat dad after retirement

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback shared a clip of his furry new additions tackling each other. 

Tom Brady just expanded his family with two adorable additions — a couple of fluffy Siamese-mix kittens.

The newly retired NFL great took to his Instagram story Feb. 15 to give his fans and followers a look at the playful little cats. 

@tombrady via Instagram

The brief clip Brady shared on social media proved that, while the man who holds the distinction of being the most sacked quarterback in history doesn’t have to worry about defensive ends and linebackers anymore, he might still be at risk of getting tackled by his feisty felines.

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers star player doesn’t actually make an appearance in the video, but the kitties appear to be practicing their tackling skills on one another as they wrestle, pounce and bite (yellow flag!) each other. 

A banner at the top of the clip reads, "Vivi wins again❤️," which hints that the 45-year-old father of three may have adopted the kittens in response to pleas from the 10-year-old daughter he shares with ex-wife Gisele Bündchen, Vivian.

Another caption placed over the clip reveals where Brady's cats came from — The Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

"@humanesocietytampa ❤️they are in good loving hands," he wrote.

And there was still another caption, one that read, “This is what my mornings are like now😂😂❤️❤️,” along with a message of thanks to Bucs safety Logan Ryan and his former teammate's wife, Ashley Bragg Ryan.

Why thank the couple? Well, they're the ones who introduced him to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Ashley Bragg Ryan recently revealed that Brady and his kids joined her family in volunteering at the facility last year, and Vivian was his inspiration then, too.

"It wasn’t about publicity, fundraising or recognition," Ryan wrote of Brady's efforts in an Instagram post. "It was about being a human being. It was about Tom taking the very thing his little girl loves the most and turning it into an opportunity to spend time together. It was about Tom reaching out to his friend, asking how to get involved, helping his community by giving something far more meaningful than money.. his time."

She closed with a message for him, adding, "Greatest QB of all time, no doubt. But I’m humbled most by the person you are off the field, TB! Congrats!"

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