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Watch this tiny dog blaze through the course at the Westminster Dog Show

A little papillon named Gabby wowed the crowd at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show with her blinding speed as she competed in the Masters Agility Championship.
/ Source: TODAY

We have found Usain Bolt's spirit animal.

An 8-inch-tall papillon named Gabby wowed the crowd at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Saturday when she blazed her way through an obstacle course like she had been shot out of a cannon.

The 3-year-old dog from Westbury, New York, won the title in her division of the Masters Agility Championship as her tiny legs zigged, zagged and zoomed her through the tunnels, hoops and jumps. She completed the course in just 39.31 seconds.

Gabby was moving so fast that she made other dog owners and their pooches get tired just watching her go.

Her trainer, Andrea Samuels, looked like an action star sprinting after bad guys on a European side street as she hustled just to keep up with her rocket-powered pup.

Samuels then shared a doggy high-five with a fired-up Gabby after her performance. Gabby still had so much juice in the tank that Samuels had to push her backward.

Gabby was basically the opposite of last year's Westminster showstopper, a distracted beagle named Mia who took her sweet time savoring the scene and sniffing her hindquarters during her trip around the obstacle course.

Though it's hard to believe, there was actually a dog faster than Gabby. A bigger dog named Verb, a 20-inch border collie, beat all of the 330 competitors to win the overall Masters Agility Championship at Manhattan's Pier 94 by finishing the jumps, tunnels and seesaws in 32 seconds.