Tight fit! 5 basset hounds pile into one doghouse

Dogs nap in dog house.
Dogs nap in dog house.Jukin Media / YouTube

How many basset hounds does it take to fill one little doghouse?

One breeder in Washington state found out earlier this month when she stumbled upon five bassets stuffed inside the same doghouse for an afternoon nap.

Gretchen Hoey, who breeds basset hounds from her home in Bellingham, Wash., typically finds her dogs roaming the large yard during the day. But on one particular rainy afternoon, Hoey noticed several were missing.

“I was looking in the yard and couldn’t see a lot of them,” Hoey told TODAY.com. “Then I thought maybe they were all in there.”

Sure enough, they all began to squeeze out of a small dog igloo on the porch after she peeked inside.

This isn’t the first time Hoey's basset hounds have found strange sleeping spots. One of her dogs once became trapped while napping under a tree's root system in the yard. It took a visit from the fire department to get the dog out.

“They’re den animals, so they like to get in tight places,” Hoey said. “They like to pile up on each other.”