They're here! Sochi stray dogs get to US, thanks to Olympian Gus Kenworthy

sochi dog
sochi dogRobin Macdonald / Twitter

The puppies have landed.

Olympian Gus Kenworthy brought home a silver medal from the Winter Games last month, but he also made it his mission to bring a group of Sochi's stray dogs to the United States.


Today, with the help of his friend Robin Macdonald, Kenworthy's second Olympic dream came true.



Macdonald traveled with three puppies, their mother and a fourth lucky stray from Sochi to the United States. There were originally four puppies who were going to come across the ocean with Macdonald, but one sadly passed away days ago after getting sick in one of Sochi's shelters.



The remaining group safely arrived in New York City Wednesday night and were reunited with Kenworthy on Thursday before they all make their way to Colorado. 

Check out Robin's updates from his journey below, and tune in Friday to TODAY to see Kenworthy and the dogs reunite!

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