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These cuddling puppies in PJs will make your heart melt

Whenever these two silly and energetic puppies have their next slumber party, we want an invite!

Darren and Phillip, English Staffies from Brisbane, Australia, are best friends whose endearing cuddle PJ sessions are shared in an Instagram account called The_Blueboys.

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Check out a few of our favorites including a cute video that lets you play catch up to all of their adorable antics:

😲 Oh good morning Mum.. Is the kettle on? Have you put the bacon under the grill yet? #cantsmellnobacon #chopchop

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Those smiles though. 😍😂

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The only way to deal with windy winter days. #PjsAllDay #Yep

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We can't get enough of these two and wish we could curl up with them.