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These goldendoodles are best friends — and lucky for us, they take a lot of pics

Three goldendoodles wearing party hats. Yes. Three.
/ Source: TODAY

What's better than a goldendoodle wearing a party hat, you ask?

Three goldendoodles wearing party hats. Yes. Three.

But this isn't a Photoshopped meme or the plot of a Disney movie. It's real life, people. And as if the word "goldendoodle" alone wasn't enough to give you a cuteness conniption, these ones have best friends and birthday parties and drink beer.

(Don't worry. They just pose with it for Instagram.)

But let's back up just a bit. For the uninitiated, a goldendoodle is a breed of dog (a hypoallergenic one, at that) that's a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle. And in the case of three such cuddly pups living in New York City, it appears their respective owners wisely decided to capitalize on the animals' cuddly appeal by creating each dog an Instagram account of his very own.

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Now, as tends to be the case when pets are broadcast on the internet, they're famous. Like, MEGA famous.

New York Magazine calls them the "Kardashians of goldendoodles." Their owners call them Hudson, Samson and Neptune. They likely call each other "bro."

The clique of 'doodles go to "yappy hour." They wear Ray-Bans. They vacation "off the grid" and float around in trendy, Instagram-approved pool floats. They take sunset 'grams.

If we can't get an invite to a doodle party, at least we can look at the photo evidence. Here are our favorites.