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These animals are on the hunt — for Easter eggs!

Easter is around the corner, and bunnies aren't the only animals celebrating!

Animal care specialists at the Hanover Zoo in Germany kicked off the first day of Easter vacation earlier this month by surprising their critters with a festive egg hunt.

Lions, chimpanzees, meerkats and polar bears were quick to get into the holiday spirit, and enjoyed their food-filled loot all afternoon.

Holger Hollemann / Today
Found 'em!

This meerkat mugged for the camera with three colorful Easter eggs in her enclosure.

Holger Hollemann / Today
Lions loving Easter.

These two lionesses played with eggs filled with roots and fruits and a trophy from the Easter egg hunt.

Holger Hollemann / Today
A meerkat plays with a special Easter treat.

This colorful egg was filled with mealworms, a favorite food of meerkats.

Holger Hollemann / Today

Polar bear Nanuq splashes joyously in the water with her new Easter goodies.