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Splish splash, watch this baby elephant take a slippery bath!

Just try not to smile through this entire video, we dare you. A baby elephant aptly named Double-Trouble got a bath from his caretaker at The Ayutthaya Elephant Palace in Thailand. The little guy flops in and out of a tub with reckless abandon while visitors hose him down and get a good laugh. He even tries to take off with the hose.

Baby elephant 'Double-Trouble' lives up to his name.

This video comes from Elephantstay, a non-profit preserve and education center outside of Bangkok, Thailand where visitors can ride, feed, and bathe elephants. According to theirFacebook page, they are committed "to give old elephants a long and happy retirement and to conserve, help and protect Thailand's elephants and encourage the culture of nurturing all elephants."

Watch this slippery little pachyderm enjoy his bath to the fullest.

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