Purrfect! Taylor Swift buried in kittens in new Diet Coke commercial

Image: Taylor Swift
Diet Coke via YouTube

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By Kurt Schlosser

Kittens! And Taylor Swift! They're two great things that go great together. Add Diet Coke to the mix and apparently you get a lot more cats.

Swift stars in a new commercial in which every sip off her bottle of Diet Coke causes more cats to appear in her home. Three sips in and they're everywhere, until all we see is the singer raising her arm — clutching an empty soda bottle — out of a pile of furry felines.

"What is life tasted as good as Diet Coke?" the tagline begs at the end. Well, you'd probably be picking a lot of cat hair off your lips.

The ad, which features a track off Swift's upcoming album, "1989," also stars her own kitten, Olivia Benson, who is no stranger to the advertising game. The cat has already been featured in a campaign for Keds sneakers.

And she's a star on Swift's Instagram account, too.

Swift's new album is out on Oct. 27. 

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