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Swimming dog finds a new way to paddle, stands up in the water instead

Dog paddling? That's so old-fashioned. The newest thing for pool pups is ... walking!
/ Source: TODAY

Apparently you can teach old dogs new tricks — or maybe young ones can just teach themselves.

Meet Cody, a handsome 2-year-old Labrador retriever who discovered a new way to enjoy his water world.

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While paddling one day, he let his hind paws touch the bottom of the pool and he started walking!

"Cody loves it when I splash our pool water," owner Tina Conrad told TODAY in an email. "He tries to catch it with his mouth. And then the other night when we were swimming, I raised my hand and he just suddenly stood upright. I thought it was really funny, so I grabbed my phone and filmed him.

If Cody's behavior reminds you of another dog who likes to stand in the pool, there's no connection between him and socially-awkward Doggysaurus Rex. But we wonder if we're starting to see a trend.

Or maybe it's just that Cody is happy getting wet (he'll also jump off the diving board on command):

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Whatever's happening, it sure is adorable — especially those curled-forward front paws!

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