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Swanky snack! Dog swallows $20,000 diamond

A hungry pooch gobbled up the 3-carat gem when a diamond dealer was showing it to a store owner in Potomac, Md. After a few days of waiting, the owner was able to retrieve the jewel.
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It took only a split second for Soli the dog to swallow a diamond worth more than $20,000 — but it took, er, more than a day to get it back.

It all happened when a diamond dealer was showing a 3-carat dazzler to store owner George Kaufmann at Robert Bernard Jewelers in Potomac, Md., on Jan. 26.

Somehow the precious stone fell on the floor near the spot where Kaufmann's Golden retriever Soli was hanging out. Quickly, the dealer searched the floor for the sparkler, but turned up nothing.

"When I looked in Soli's mouth, there was the diamond," Kaufmann tells of his nearly 6-year-old pet. "In a flash, he swallowed it, and there was nothing we could do."

Rescued by Kaufmann two years ago, Soli was oblivious about what he had done."The dealer may have been a bit taken back, but Soli didn't mind that he had swallowed a valuable treat," Kaufmann tells "He loves to come to work with me and lay around and sleep when he is not greeting customers. He is a great dog."For the next two days, Kaufmann closely scrutinized Soli's bowel movements but saw nothing dazzling. On the third day, however, there was a glimmer of hope."The diamond finally appeared during our poop run, fully intact and fine," he laughs.Kaufmann was glad that Soli remained in good shape and his dealer friend was able to get his valuable rock back.

"This whole event was one of those rare things that happens every now and then," Kaufmann says, "with a happy ending!"