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'Stuff on Scout's Head' shows off pup's balancing skills

No matter what you put on top of him, this Canadian canine will keep a level head.

Scout, a 9-year-old pit bull owned by Toronto resident Jen Gillen, has captivated people online with his uncanny ability to balance various items on his head. Gillen posts pictures of her dog on Instagram and on the blog “Stuff on Scout’s Head,’’ where he can be seen balancing everything from a vase full of flowers to donuts to board games to a can of paint.

“He actually has quite the large flat surface on his head, making it actually quite easy for him to balance things since he sits so still for these tricks,’’ Gillen told “It started when a friend suggested that I put a roll of toilet paper on his head. He instantly posed and balanced it so well, that I decided to try my luck, and try some other humorous items.”

From donuts to banana peels and more, Scout the pit bull has wowed people online with his ability to balance just about anything on his head.

The dog’s ability to balance the items makes it almost look Photoshopped, but Gillen said it’s all real.

“Some people think for example the Luchador masks (on Scout) are Photoshopped, but why?’’ Gillen said. “Those ones are the easiest. Also, to Photoshop something on my pup’s head? Ain't nobody got time for that.”

#stuffonscoutshead - POGS are for dogs right??

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To help convert any nonbelievers, Gillen posted a video on the blog of Scout balancing a nacho-shaped piece of pig’s ear on his head for about 10 seconds before she tells him to “get at it,’’ resulting in him flicking his head and then leaping off the screen to chomp on it.

Scout is rewarded with natural treats like pig’s ears, bully sticks and raw diet treats after pulling off each feat, and Gillen said it’s all in fun.

#stuffonscoutshead - to Brie or not to Brie

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“To the people who think it is cruel, or that there is cruelty involved, I adopted Scout almost five years ago and can't begin to fathom the idea that people think I would beat a dog to put a cheeseburger on his head,’’ she said. “If he didn't want to do it, or didn't enjoy it, he would simply walk away.”

Gillen also hopes the attention garnered by the photos of Scout can put a spotlight on another issue.

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“I never predicted for it to take off like this,’’ she said. “I started his Tumblr after doing a few because it was just a humorous compilation, and if anything, a great example of what a patient, obedient dog that a pit bull can be.”