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Squirrel sweetness! Rescued baby squirrel stars in the cutest Vine videos

Let’s get your weekend started off on the right foot — and what could kick things off better than a video of an adorable baby squirrel?

Anthony Guzman, who works with animals at a local zoological foundation, found the tiny animal on the side of a Miami road earlier this year and decided to take the little lady home. He named her Kiwi, and gave her a little TLC while documenting her cuteness on Vine.

“I figured she must have fallen from a nest from a tree by the road,” Guzman told

He began feeding her milk through a syringe until she was ready to fend for herself outside. "She took to it very quickly,” Guzman said, adding that he initially was feeding her every four hours.

Kiwi is now 3-months-old and roams the oak trees near Guzman’s home, but he said she still swings by to say hello.

“She has remained attached to my family,” Guzman said, adding that she still likes to stop by to get a special treat. “From time to time we spoil her and will give her some milk.”