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Sponge Bob the 33-pound tabby dies

Only three months after the animal world lost Meow the 39-pound cat, we find ourselves saying goodbye to another overweight feline. Sponge Bob, a 33-pound orange tabby, died on Friday.

Sponge Bob appeared on Weekend TODAY back in June with Kendra Mara, associate director of Animal Haven, when he was still looking for a loving home. It didn’t take long for someone to take him in; on June 7, he was adopted by Matt and Courtney Farrell.

Mara told that she and the Animal Haven staff are glad that Sponge Bob was able to spend the little time he had with such a loving family, who took excellent care of him.

“We’re devastated and we’re extremely saddened, but the only comfort we have is that the last few months were with the best family we could have imagined for him,” Mara said.

According to the Farrell’s tumblr dedicated Sponge Bob, they took the cat to the vet last week after noticing he was having trouble breathing. The vet discovered a large mass surrounding his heart. According to Mara, the mass was not caught by the shelter initially because of Sponge Bob’s large size.

The tumblr post describing Sponge Bob’s passing says the cat needed surgery to remove the mass but because of his weight would most likely not have survived the anesthesia needed, leading his owners to make the difficult decision of putting him down.

“I only wish he could have spent more time with them,” Mara said.

On Tuesday his owners posted a YouTube tribute video they created to honor Sponge Bob's memory. You can watch the video below.