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Giant mutant spider turns out to be just a shaggy dog story

Spiders are terrifying enough when they're small and climbing their way up the living room wall. So imagine how scary it would be if the creepy crawler was a giant mutant spider, and it was running right at you in the dark.

That's exactly what happened to some unsuspecting people when Polish prankster SA Wardega dressed an adorable dog up as a nightmare on eight (well, technically 12) legs.

Wardega staged various settings for his "victims" to stumble upon his "Spider Dog," ranging from the spider seemingly "feasting" on a body in the elevator to a web of mangled body parts it had strung up in the subway.

Helped by the the mask of darkness, Spider Dog is horrifying at first glance, causing passersby to run screaming in the opposite direction.

Wardega has been shooting pranks and other various videos for his YouTube page for more than two years, so he's no stranger to putting some preparation behind his viral videos.

He said the idea for "Spider Dog" came from a story he saw online about a man who had scared his wife by dressing their dog up as a spider. Wardega decided that was the perfect premise for a prank on his YouTube channel.

"Preparation for the film began a few months ago: I found a cheap faux fur and I carried it to the seamstress. I told her the idea, but the first results were not satisfactory," Wardega explained. "We changed the costume three times and finally managed to create something light and good-looking."

The other key to the video's success is its four-legged star: his sister's mixed-breed dog, Chica. 

"Filming took some time because Chica had to jump at the right moment and run to the right place ... Fortunately Chica is a very intelligent dog," Wardega said.

Once you realize the mutant arachnid is actually an adorable pooch, it's a bit less intimidating. But good luck convincing us you wouldn't have been sprinting in the other direction, too, if eight furry legs had come running at you in the dark.