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So mad! These 7 stubborn pets are the cutest thing ever

This dog, dressed like an organ grinder for a Halloween segment, was not amused.

Dogs can be stubborn — case in point: This pup model that did not want to be dressed like a monkey on national television Wednesday, when he was part of a TODAY segment on adorable pet costumes.

But while dogs’, well, doggedness, can be frustrating to a tired pet owner, they can look awfully cute mid-tantrum.

Inspired by his resistance, here are seven of our favorite stubborn pets!

After staring at an elevator with much trepidation, this dog refuses to get in — until her owner takes the matter into his own hands.

It's a feeling we can all relate to: Not wanting to go to bed. This pug has to be asked many, many times to get in his bed before finally deciding to give up and stay quiet. 

This dog used a very clever tactic to avoid bath time — playing dead. He has to be dragged by his owner to the bathroom, where he continues to put up a struggle. 

This dog is not a fan of the bath either: He takes one look and decides he'd rather whine about it. 

Cat owner Kim Clune explained why her 6-year-old feline was so intent on keeping this bag of treats for herself: The cat had "Pica", a condition which creates an appetite for non-nutritive substances, and would eat pretty much anything. While she eventually grew out of that, the intensity of this tug-of-war over a bag of food is amusing.

What's better than a bag of treats? A slice of pizza, of course. And this 6-year-old cat Baby Girl holds onto hers for dear life.