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So close! This corgi failing to make the leap to a big couch is having a rough week

This corgi falling backward as it tries to leap on a couch is all of us trying to make it through the week.
/ Source: TODAY

As the saying goes, sometimes in life you're the big couch, and sometimes you're the short-legged corgi.

All this little guy wanted was to breathe the rarefied air on the top of the couch, but halfway up, gravity dashed his hopes and dreams. And of course there was someone there to not only film it, but also set it in slow motion to heighten the ridiculousness.

The YouTube account Lauren Nicole posted the video, titled "Trying to get through the week like," because there is a corgi fail in all of us as we realize the ultimate futility of trying to get our work done.

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Just like when you know you're not going to make that deadline, you can see the flicker of horror in his eyes when he realizes he's not going to reach the couch.

He also may be realizing there is no one is there to catch him because she is too busy filming his slow-motion crash to earth.

Be persistent, little buddy. Just like we know we're going to make it to Friday, we also know you're going to make it up on that couch one day.

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