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Siberian husky refuses to go for a walk, howling in protest

Zeus, a Siberian husky, is developing quite the reputation for throwing the cutest temper tantrums on the Internet.
/ Source: TODAY

It may be time for his daily walk, but this adorable Husky is just not having any of it!

"Gotta get off the couch. Come on," a voice says off-camera in this adorable video.

But Zeus is not shy about saying no — time and time again, he lets out a loud howl to signal his apparent wish to stay exactly where he is.

This isn't the pup's first temper tantrum: Zeus howled up a storm in a bathtub earlier this year.

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The video, which has collected more than 193,000 views after appearing on YouTube yesterday, is giving viewers a great laugh, while also reminding many pet owners that situations like these happen to the best of us.

Stubborn Husky is a lazy couch potato
Stubborn Husky is a lazy couch potatoYouTube

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Though the weather appears to be pleasant (check out that ray of sunshine through the window), Zeus would rather just be a couch potato for the day.

However, another furry friend — who jumps into frame from time to time — is excited, and waiting patiently for Zeus to change his mind.

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But we have to agree — we've all been there. It's a ruff time to be a dog.