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Shear madness! Sheep who went 5 years without a cut gets shorn

Ever wondered what happens if you don't shear a sheep for five years? Wonder no more.
/ Source: TODAY

Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir ... 89 pounds worth!

Meet Chris. He's a sheep who had the fortune (or bad luck, depending on how you look at it) to elude shearers in Australia for about five years before he was finally captured earlier this week.

The call went out for experts to tackle the massive merino's woolly exterior, and the country's sheep shearing champion Ian Elkins stepped forward, clippers in hand.

He had some help, fortunately, and it ultimately took five shearers 40 minutes to wipe out all of that wool. And in the end, Chris set a world record for the most wool to be removed from a sheep in a single go: 89 pounds of wool (40.45 kg)!

Image: Wooly Merino sheep in Canberra
Ian Elkins poses with the world record-breaking fleece from Chris the sheep.Rashida Yosufzai / EPA

Chris is doing just fine, according to doctors. Though probably he's feeling a little bit chilly right now.

Can someone get him a nice wool sweater, please?

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