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Scary shark video takes a funny turn with surprise photobomb

While filming one shark chomping away on bait, a camera caught a second shark stealing its thunder.
/ Source: TODAY

Sharks: They're just like us! OK, they're really not. But maybe in one respect they are — they're not averse to a little photobombing action.

Check out this amazing video, which starts out scary with a close-up of a shark in South African waters, nose out of the water, chomping away at some bait. The heavy breathing alone would be enough to give Darth Vader nightmares.

Suddenly, with a mighty leap ... another shark commands the spotlight, unexpectedly and hilariously.

See the shark-jumping moment for yourself!

Bonus: Catch humpback whales surfacing in Alaska to the delight (and mild terror) of watchers on the surface.

We apologize, this video has expired.

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