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What do you most want your pet to know as you return to an office? Share with TODAY!

In the below form, submit a letter to your pet with what you wish you could tell them as you prepare to return to an office.
/ Source: TODAY

With more Americans returning to offices, pets across the country will have to embrace a much more solitary existence. Some will thrive (that's why we love cats!), and others will struggle or even act out.

As you get ready to cut the year-and-a-half-long cord of constant togetherness, share with us what you wish you could tell your pet to prepare them for the next phase. Write a brief letter to your four-legged friend, 250 words or less, explaining what you really want them to know about your return to an office.

Maybe you want to remind Max to be nice to the dog walker. Perhaps you're getting Luna another scratching post to replace all the entertainment your keyboard and mouse provided. Or will Chester actually enjoy the quiet house, and you'd like to tell him to embrace it?

To participate, fill out the below form, and don't forget to share a photo of your pet!

We are no longer taking submissions at this time. Thank you to those who participated! View their responses here.