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See what is making this pit bull carefully tiptoe down a hallway

A pit bull named Redd made sure to tread lightly across his foster family's hallway out of a fear of his main nemesis in the house.
/ Source: TODAY

Only a truly fearsome enemy could make a 70-pound pit bull gently tiptoe down a hallway to avoid making any noise.

In the case of a dog named Redd, he was scared into treading lightly by the true boss of the house: the family cat.

In a hilarious video posted by New York City shelter Pounds Hounds Res-Q, Redd is shown carefully making his way across a hallway at the home of his foster family.

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The shelter notes that on the other side of the door behind the cardboard box is the family's cat, which Redd is "very afraid of."

The dog stops entirely at one point while his foster mom reassures him that everything is OK while the cat is behind the door.

"Did you ever see a dog tiptoe?" Pounds Hounds Res-Q wrote on Facebook.

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Redd, a 5-year-old American Staffordshire terrier and American pit bull terrier mix, is "adored" by his foster parents in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, but he is still waiting to be permanently adopted, according to Pounds Hounds Res-Q.

The dog "loves to give kisses and rest his head on your shoulder," according to the shelter — as long as you're not a cat.

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