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Sea otter that gave birth at Monterey Bay Aquarium returns to the wild with pup

/ Source: TODAY

A wild sea otter, seeking shelter from stormy seas, found her way to California's Monterey Bay Aquarium recently — but as it turned out, the cute creature needed a room for two!

Not long after winding up at the aquarium's Great Tide Pool, the animal gave birth to a little otter pup.

And fortunately for us, the aquarium shared the event with its Facebook followers.

"It’s not every day you get to watch a sea otter pup come into the world!" the aquarium captioned the post. "But ... Saturday, we had a unique opportunity to see it happen."

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In addition to the amazing footage of the birth, the aquarium also released images of the fuzzy newborn with its mother.

They also uploaded a video of the loving duo taking a swim together.

Because the mom and pup weren't part of its program for sea otters, the aquarium explained to Facebook followers that the animals would be returned to their "kelp forest home."

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And yesterday, after a three-day stay, the sea otter pair headed back out into the wild. Afterward, the aquarium updated its Facebook followers on the farewell.

"Bon voyage, otter family!" they wrote. "We'll continue working hard to understand and protect ocean animals, sharing their stories with you."