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Sarah Jessica Parker reveals she adopted the cat featured in 'And Just Like That'

There's a new member of the Parker/Broderick family!

And just like that, an on-set cat became a beloved family member of the Parker/Broderick household.

Sarah Jessica Parker shared on Thursday, Aug. 29, 2023, that her family adopted the cat that her "And Just Like That" character, Carrie, adopted in the second season of the show.

"His off-camera name is Lotus," she shared on Instagram. "He and his siblings were all given botanical names when they were rescued as newborns by the @cthumanesociety. Adopted officially by the Parker/Broderick family in April 2023. He joins Rémy and Smila whom we adopted in May 2022. If he looks familiar, that’s because he is."

Lotus' character name was "Shoe," Carrie revealed on the season finale of the show when she introduced the furry feline to her dinner guests. The cat appeared earlier in the season when comedian and animal lover Che Diaz, played by Sara Ramirez, brought the cat to Carrie's studio in hopes that the writer would adopt it. And it looks like the case was made in both Parker's professional and personal life!

Parker is married to fellow actor Matthew Broderick. The two share three children: their 20-year-old son, James, and 13-year-old twin daughters, Tabitha and Marion. Like Parker's famous Carrie character, the family resides in New York City.