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Running of the pugs? Toddler tries to outcrawl a stampede of puppies

/ Source: TODAY

It's just like the running of the bulls — but this version features a crawling toddler and fleet of amped-up pug puppies.

Lynne Flynn and her son, Louie, certainly understand how to capture the hearts of Instagram users, and with with the help of some adorable pups, they have quickly risen to social media fame.

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Their account, which has 128,000 followers,is filled with videos of young Louie playfully interacting with the dogs — most of the time, just trying to hold his own with the rambunctious little fur balls.

Clips highlighting the toddler's attempts to out-crawl the stampede of pugs are mega-successful on the pair's page — and understandably so!

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Those little pups certainly are this toddler's best friend!