Ruff! Er, Moo? See the cow that lives like a canine

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/ Source: TODAY
By Ree Hines

Cows like grazing in the field, while dogs like lazing in the living room. At least, that's what some cows and dogs would have you think.

But Goliath, a calf with an identity crisis, doesn't play by those rules.

According to his owner, who's been tweeting about her furry friend, Goliath may have the body of a bovine, but he has the soul of a canine.

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And it's not just his love for lounging on the sofa that proves the point.

Goliath has his own dog bed:

A hankering for kibble:

And he enjoys a nice chin scratch as much as any pooch:

But it's not all dog days for this calf. Deep down, he hasn't completely let go of his inner (or obviously outer) cow.

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