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'Rey' of sunshine! This 'smiling' kitten will brighten your day

This content kitty's owner, Jenni Colburn, told via email that she first met Rey on a day six months ago when she was looking to lift her spirits.
/ Source: TODAY

Thanks in large part to that famous frowning feline Grumpy Cat, cats have gotten a bad rap. In fact, you can buy everything from mugs and books to skirts and even swimsuits featuring the petulant pet.

However, there’s a little Rey of sunshine who might just change all that.

This content kitty's owner, Jenni Colburn, told that she found Rey at a Salt Lake City shelter six months ago on a day when she needed her spirits lifted.

"I wasn’t looking for a kitten (we already have two). I was in a bad mood and really just wanted to go pet some kittens,” she explained.

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But when Colburn saw the cat's cheerful expression, she had no choice but to adopt her, leaving just one problem: Her husband, Aaron, didn’t want another animal. A deal was struck: Aaron could rename the cat, whom they originally called "Terminator." Being a huge "Star Wars" fan, he saw only one option: Rey, after the protagonist in “The Force Awakens.”

Like her namesake, Rey is a smitten kitten when it comes to the droid BB-8!

While Rey’s two "siblings" aren’t the biggest fans of the Colburns' new addition, the Internet is obsessed. Rey has more than 9,100 Instagram followers and it’s not unusual for photos and videos of her to receive thousands of likes.

There have been offers to feature social media's latest purring sensation on mugs, but for now Jenni has declined. The only payment she’s interested in is knowing Rey brings joy to others.

“I think people need a little optimism today," she said.

Plus, right now Rey just wants a nap.