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Tears of joy! Kids lose it as lost cat comes home again

Go ahead and grab a hanky now!

Only animal lovers can truly understand the heartbreak a family feels when one of their four-legged friends wanders away, but surely anyone can appreciate a reunion so joyful it moves kids to tears.

In a clip that's gone viral, mom Sheryl brings home her family's 13-year-old cat, who'd gone missing two months earlier, and the feline's return immediately sparks an emotional reaction for her children.

The youngest boy in the bunch runs up and snuggles the cat's face while tears stream down his own. Then big brother, Shane, moves in and starts sobbing, too.

"I'm so happy," Shane cries. "I'm so happy-y-y-y."

One sister gives him a pat on the back, and tells him to "let it all out;" meanwhile mom assures Shane he's got his furry little "'Minecraft' buddy back."

The touching clip not only offers a glimpse into this family's joy, it also offers hope to others who've lost a pet of their own — keep on looking! After two long months, Sheryl found her family's beloved kitty at a nearby gas station.

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