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Rare twin horses born on Easter defy odds

A Tifton, Georgia, woman woke up to a big surprise Easter morning when her pregnant horse gave birth twice.

Lori Tucker's horse delivered not one, but two fillies: An extremely rare occurrence for horses, and what's even more astonishing is they're both healthy.

Only about one in 10,000 horses have twins, and even fewer survive birth. But on Easter morning Lori Tucker was awoken by a phone call.

"My neighbor called and told me we had twins. I was actually asleep, and I was so shocked," Tucker said.

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She jumped out of bed and ran outside in her pajamas. Once outside, she couldn't believe what she saw.

"To come out, the sun was up and they were running around and nursing with mama. And the neighbors were so was just...It was just the most amazing feeling, like I didn't give birth, but I felt like they were mine," she said.

Tucker has read about twin horses online, and knows how rare they are. So she's been keeping a close eye on the two, and is making sure Betty Girl, the mom, is taking to motherhood.

"I don't know if she's got enough milk yet, but we're gonna try to bucket feed them. But they're nursing really good. She's a great mama. She has really taken care of them. So I hope they just make it past these critical weeks," said Tucker.

She said the first few weeks are very important for the horses' development. The smaller horse, which Tucker calls "the baby," has taken to bucket feeding, which is a good sign for the timid little one.

Just a couple of days after the horses were born, Tucker said they already have different personalities.

"The older one, I could tell from birth when I came out was a little more curious than the other one. She was sniffing around, seeing who I was. The little miniature one, she was kind of shy. Standoff-ish," she said.

Tucker says the twins were born only about 20-minutes apart. She hasn't named the horses yet, but says she's trying to come up with some good Easter names. In the meantime, the twins will have to get lots of rest as they continue to grow.