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Ralphie the ‘demon’ dog adopted by new owner who is 'completely in love'

Great news for the sassy French bulldog who was described by the shelter as a "fire-breathing demon" dog.
/ Source: TODAY

Despite the dog shelter who looked after him having very few good things to say about Ralphie, the 26-pound "jerk" of a French bulldog, in a now-viral adoption ad, the pup has been re-homed!

In an update on Feb. 4, Niagara SPCA shared that Ralphie has been doing really well in his new home with his new family.

The shelter shared a note from his new mom. In it, she said she'd even questioned "where the name 'Demon Dog' came from."

"And then I saw a few things... although, I'm pretty convinced it’s nothing we can’t work on and get figured out!" she wrote in her post.

It's great news, especially considering the animal shelter's original viral Facebook post about the dog on Jan. 17 claimed that "Ralphie is a terror in a somewhat small package."

The post also said that their "best guess" for the little dog's poor behavior is that his "cute face got him whatever he wanted and boundaries are something he heard people talk about, but they didn’t apply to him."

Ralphie's new home is actually his third. In the January post, Niagara SPCA explained his first owners took him to board and train but it was a bust. His second owners returned him to the shelter because Ralphie "annoys our older dog."

“What they actually meant was: Ralphie is a fire-breathing demon and will eat our dog, but hey, he’s only 26lbs,” the shelter continued.

In her February update, Ralphie's new owner wrote that he's a "nipper" but "I feel like HE KNOWS IT!! And we're working on that too!"

She added she's bribing/training him with slices of hot dogs, working on potty training and they're having "A LOT OF 'REINFORCEMENT CHATS.'"

"All in all… He is amazing, and he found A HAPPY PLACE with me because he saved me as much as I saved him… I feel blessed!" she wrote in her post. "Thank you!!! For choosing me!"