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Rae, a 'unicorn dog' with an ear on top of her head, is viral hit on social media

Trust us, you need to follow this dog on Instagram immediately!
/ Source: Today

If there’s one thing to cheer people up in the midst of a pandemic, it’s cute animals on Instagram.

There’s a new account for all dog lovers to follow. Rae is a one-eared golden retriever and has taken over as the internet’s “unicorn” pup. She has 180,000 followers on Instagram, and a TikTok video of her has been viewed nearly 6 million times.

According to her Instagram bio on @GoldenUnicornRae, Rae had an injury at birth that left her with only her right ear. As she grew, it eventually migrated to the top of her head. Hence, Rae the unicorn!

Rae's owner, Brianna Vorhees, has been taking care of the 12-week-old puppy.

"I officially adopted her when she was relinquished by her breeder due to her fragile state and unknown future of survival, but I wanted a shot to give her a chance at life," Vorhees told TODAY in an email. "Rae came into my care when she was relinquished from her owners due to her needing around the clock care and a lot of follow up from her injuries."

Vorhees is a receptionist at the veterinary hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Rae was brought after she was injured at birth, according to CNN.

After losing her 4-year-old golden retriever in 2019 to lymphoma, Vorhees was on the lookout for another golden retriever to take care of. After her injury, Rae was brought to the hospital by her breeders for emergency surgery. The hospital staff didn't know if she would live past 48 hours.

Raising the pup has been an "eye-opening" experience for Vorhees.

"All the love and feedback that I’ve gotten from her has been a roller coaster," Vorhees told TODAY. "As someone who is not familiar with the Internet and Instagram in general it is definitely like I’m a fish out of water."

Despite navigating unknown territory, she's still having fun with Rae's official Instagram page.

"I really enjoy that she is bringing so much joy to people around the world in this time of such fear," Vorhees told E! News. “I'm glad she is a positive distraction and that people have enjoyed watching her and adoring her as much as everyone else that knows her personally already does.”