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Rabbit or duck? This 124-year-old drawing has both if you can spot them

It's an optical illusion that would have driven Elmer Fudd to distraction.
/ Source: TODAY

Check out the drawing below, which was published around 1892 in a German magazine. Do you see an animal? Do you see two?

Rabbit or duck, or duck or rabbit - or neither of the two - what do you see? That's the question taking social media by storm as debate rages about what the image really is - despite it being drawn more than 100 years ago. The image is an illusion which can tell a lot about how a person's brain works.TODAY

According to a psychologist, your ability to flip between seeing a rabbit and a duck in the drawing is indicative of your creative prowess.

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Dr. Joseph Jastrow, who often worked with optical illusions, noted in 1899 that those who can flip between seeing the two animals are able during testing to come up with five unusual uses for an everyday item. But those who can't flip or have trouble flipping could only come up with two unexpected uses for that same everyday item.

Which animal are you seeing?Shutterstock

He made his findings in 1899, but the image has endured through the centuries; children's book author Amy Krouse Rosenthal wrote a book, "Duck! Rabbit!" based on the illusion in 2009, and now it's going viral all over again on social media.

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Is it rabbit season, or duck season for you?

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