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Pup and blind canine pal find a home together

Like dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, or Olympic skaters Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, great duos are meant to stay together. For the past several weeks, a pair of rescue border collies made international headlines when they were found abandoned in a storm, one practically in lock step with the other. It was for good reason: Bonnie, 2, was leading around her partner, Clyde, her blind 5-year-old male pal.

So when the canine partners were turned over to the Meadowgreen Dog Rescue Centre in London, England, the operators vowed to find them a home together. “They're a pair and we wanted to keep them together,” Cherie Cootes, co-owner of the rescue center, tells PEOPLE Pets.

They got their wish. A few days ago, the pooches were adopted and now live in a country home with their new owner. “It's a lovely home and the woman has other rescue dogs,” says Cootes. “It’s a really a nice home.”

Now Bonnie can continue to help out her friend for years to come.

“Clyde looks for Bonnie for guidance,” says Cootes. “He trots along behind her and leans on her if he gets confused — it's sweet. But his senses are so good he knows where people are. He's very clever. You wouldn't know he was blind.”

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