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Psychic monkey goes bananas for Gingrich

Could Grandpa really know more than we do, or is this psychic monkey going senile?

Staten Island Zoo’s famous psychic spider monkey was challenged Monday by the New York Daily News to predict the winner of New Hampshire’s Republican primary. His choice? Newt Gingrich, who is currently polling at 8 percent, behind Rick Santorum (11 percent),  Jon Huntsman (11 percent), Ron Paul (17 percent) and clear front-runner Mitt Romney (41 percent).

Grandpa, a 40-year-old monkey who’s had some accurate foresight when it comes to sports, took his pick from a bunch of bananas, each with a candidate’s name written on it. The primate wasted no time pondering: He immediately grabbed for Gingrich, then picked up Huntsman with his other hand.

New Hampshire is known for surprises, so it remains to be seen whether Grandpa has predicted one serious upset. But his female companion, who ate the banana labeled Mitt Romney, might prove that female intuition (or plain old hunger) trumps male psychic ability. 

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