Priscilla Chan says dog Beast is hubby Mark Zuckerberg's No.2 priority after Facebook

Priscilla Chan with her dog Beast.
Beast via Facebook
By Lauren Sullivan

In her first-ever television interview, Priscilla Chan revealed to TODAY's Savannah Guthrie that she and hubby Mark Zuckerberg are already training for (eventual) parenthood — with their dog.

"So we have Beast, our Hungarian sheep dog," she told Savannah. "And he is so talented. He's so smart. He knows his daily schedule. He has an extracurricular activity. He goes herding. He herds sheep. And we've been told that he's quite gifted."

As you can see from Beast's personal Facebook account, he is beloved in the Zuckerberg-Chan household. 

"The dog is [Mark's] second priority after Facebook," Chan laughed.

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Just one look at the 3-year-old pup and you'll see why Priscilla and Mark *like* him so much:

"I definitely have a page for our dog, Beast," Zuckerberg said in a February TODAY interview. "He actually has more than a million fans." (Update: Now it's closer to 2 million!)

“He’s, like, this ridiculously cute dog. He looks like a little sheep,” Zuckerberg said. “He’s amazing.”

While his dad may be one of the most influential people around, Beast lets him know who is really in charge. Zuckerberg told Savannah that he's losing sleep lately not because of his social networking site, but because of Beast.

"If there's like, a raccoon outside or anything, he just goes nuts," he said. "He's been making me lose the most sleep recently.

This post has been updated. It was originally published on February 4, 2013.