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Policeman rescues exhausted fawn resting on a road

An adorable fawn, apparently exhausted from following its mother, decided to get some rest on a road — until a policeman came to the rescue!
/ Source: TODAY

It's Friday. It's been a long week. We've all been there.

It's just that when we lie down for a nap after work, we usually try to do it, you know, NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.

Well, our own exhaustion seems to pale in comparison to that of this little fawn, that — after apparently running after his mother — became too sleepy to carry on and simply lay down in the road.

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Lucky for him, Officer Matthew Mitchell of the Columbus City Police Department was there to save the day. And lucky for Mitchell, Rebecca Wagner was there to, well, videotape the whole thing for our viewing pleasure in a clip that's racked up more than 200,000 views since its initial Facebook posting on June 7.

(Actually, Wagner deserves much more praise: She and another "very sweet young lady," as she calls her, had saved the baby's life in the first place by keeping cars from running her over and eventually calling the police.)

"One of our FINEST from the Columbus City Police Dept., Officer Matthew Mitchell, saved the day by rescuing this sweet fawn who apparently got confused and turned around when trying to follow Momma across the street," Wagner wrote in the caption of the adorable video. "Then, she laid down in the street too tired to move ... Then Officer Mitchell appears out of the blue like a super hero!

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"After making a call to his friend that knows about deer, he gently picked her up and moved her to safety where the momma could see her," she wrote. "We were assured that momma would go to her once she felt the coast was clear! What a nice moment in time. Thanks Matthew Mitchell! You are a ROCKSTAR in my book!"

And in ours, too! Now let's just hope that little guy has found somewhere to put his feet up and get some rest.