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Policeman frees baby skunk from an empty yogurt container

If there's one thing a policeman's job is not, it's "boring."
/ Source: TODAY

Directing traffic, enforcing the law, fighting crime, and rescuing baby skunks from the perils of empty plastic yogurt containers. You know.

If there's one thing a policeman's job is not, it's "boring."

Officer Taylor of the Rochester Police Department was alerted Monday morning to a situation on West Third Street: A baby skunk with its head stuck in an empty yogurt container.

Lest you think Taylor's crazy for entering the scene with only protective gloves to keep him clean and safe (we certainly did at first), you should know that baby skunks don't spray like adults do. That ability is cemented when the animal is about 3 months old, allowing them to terrorize any target with an oily secretion that originates from scent glands around the tail area.

And besides, this wasn't the officer's first rodeo.

Presumably upon noticing the success of the first photo, the RPD posted another photo from a few years back, showing Officer Taylor saving some baby ducks that had unfortunately made their way into a sewer grate.