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Police officer and baby owl have the cutest standoff ever

This sheriff deputy has met her match! While on patrol, she found a cute owl in the middle of a road and an adorable encounter occurred.
/ Source: TODAY

Watch out drivers, for this owl crossing! The owl might be small, but he definitely knows who's boss and he's not going to let size intimidate him.

Boulder County sheriff's deputy Sophie Berman was on patrol in a nearby camping area as she stumbled upon the cute little feathery friend just chilling in the middle of a dirt road. She approached the northern saw-whet owl to take a good look, but the tiny creature was completely unfazed, and the most peaceful and quite adorable standoff ensued. Now those are two words we never thought we'd associate with a standoff!

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Berman starts talking to the owl like it's a little puppy or kitty, saying sweetly "Hi! hi! hi!" and later "What's up?" but it just doesn't move. It looks curiously at the deputy and her camera phone and makes a few owl "clicks," but certainly isn't about to give up its spot on the road. All we can think is, how cute.