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Playful baby meerkats emerge for first public appearance

Everyone huddle!

Up and at 'em!

Five baby meerkats at England’s Chester Zoo emerged from their underground burrows for the first time late last month.

Perking up while checking out their surroundings.

“We’re excited to say that five baby meerkats have taken their first steps into the outside world,” the zoo announced on their website on May 23. 

The quintuples were born on April 20, but were kept hidden in their burrows by their parents until venturing out in late May. Now at six weeks old, it sounds like this group is keeping their parents, zookeepers and visitors plenty entertained.

“All of the pups are full of rough and tumble,” the zoo's team manager Dave White said in a press release. “They’re a real handful for mom, dad and the other adults in the mob who, between them, are doing their best to keep them in check.”

First snacks outside of their burrow.

The five animals have not yet been named as the sex of the meerkats is still a mystery. The zoo should be able to know if they are male or female in the coming weeks. 

A sleepy meerkat rests after his first day outside.