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French bulldog adorably fights to reclaim his bed from a bully cat


They're fighting like cats and dogs — which, apparently means arguing over a dog bed like siblings who both want to ride shotgun in the car. 

In a video posted last month, which is picking up steam online after being flagged by Jezebel and Laughing SquidPixel the French bulldog simply refuses to give up his bed after his roommate — a bully cat — stole it away and took up residence.

The adorable tug-of-war continues for more than a minute as the 10-week-old puppy tries every trick he can think of to reclaim it from the larger cat. Quite a difference from when they first met and Pixel inspired fear for his curious sniffs. 

Time will tell who will win the battle of the bed, but as all older siblings eventually learn, that cat should watch out when Pixel grows up.