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Creepy or cute? Neil Patrick Harris gets ‘replica stuffed versions’ of his dogs

The "Matrix Resurrections" star received a Christmas gift from husband David Burtka of eerily accurate stuffed replicas of the family's three dogs.
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Neil Patrick Harris got a surprise from husband David Burtka on Christmas with some stuffed animal versions of the family's three dogs. Randy Holmes / ABC via Getty Images

Neil Patrick Harris' dogs now have twins.

The "Matrix Resurrections" star showed off a Christmas gift on Instagram given to him by husband David Burtka in the form of eerily accurate stuffed animal replicas of their family's three dogs — Spike, Gidget and Ella.

"Awesome gift this year: replica stuffed versions of our dogs. Bravo @cuddleclones for nailing Gidget, Spike and Ella’s likenesses," Harris wrote.

Harris positioned the replicas in the same spots on the floor as the family's actual dogs and included a photo of the real pups to show the striking similarities between them and their plush twins.

The replicas ride the line between being adorable doppelgängers of their real-life counterparts and eerie copies, like a doggie version of the movie “Us.”

The real dogs seem to be unnerved in their photo, with Gidget wearing an "Are we being replaced? I think we're being replaced?!" look of panic, while Spike and Ella have stern looks seeming to say, "We are NOT cool with this" and, "If you choose these dogs over us, we know where you sleep."

Harris' fans appeared to lean toward the side of the replica dogs being cute additions to the family, with some being weirded out by them.

"Tamara has one of those!!!" actor Christina Hendricks commented in reference to a friend. "They’re amazing."

"OMG! I really thought they were the real thing!" another person wrote.

"They’re amazing! Spike especially is so realistic," another person commented.

"Oh that is super creepy," another person wrote.

"Kind of creepy................................." another commented.

The dogs have become a beloved part of Harris' family of four, which includes their 11-year-old twins, Harper and Gideon. They first adopted Gidget, a wire terrier mix, in 2016, before adding Spike and Ella.