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Paw-some 3-legged puppy finally masters the stairs

Watch Ollie, a three-legged golden retriever puppy, finally climb up the backyard stairs after days of trying.
/ Source: TODAY

Next time you need you some motivation to prove that you can do anything you put your mind to just remember this pup.

Meet Ollie, a three-legged golden retriever puppy, who at just 8-weeks old is paw-sitively awesome.

However, when it comes to the stairs, it's a slightly different story.

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In a video posted to Ollie's Instagram, viewers see that the pup tried for days to conquer the backdoor stairs with his three mighty legs. Day after day his proud doggy dad would film him trying to leap up the stairs, but Ollie would quickly retreat in fear.

But on the fourth day of trying, everything clicked and he finally mastered the stairs. Three woofs for Ollie!

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In addition to tackling the stairs, Ollie's Instagram documents all of his fun adventures. From swimming to playing in the sprinklers, it seems like there's no task that's too big for little Ollie. He doggy paddles and wiggles like any four-legged furry friend and clearly he picks up new tricks like a pro.

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It's safe to say Ollie is one seriously paw-some pup!