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Patrick Stewart fosters a pit bull — and we're completely in love

Sir Patrick Stewart and his wife, the musician Sunny Ozell, are fostering an adorable pit bull named Ginger.
/ Source: TODAY

Sir Patrick Stewart has a new role, and we think it's his best one yet: He's now the foster dad to a pit bull named Ginger.

On Wednesday, Ginger came to live with Stewart and his wife, the musician Sunny Ozell, at their home in Los Angeles.

The "beautiful, playful, handsome, happy dog," as Stewart described her on television, has quickly become the star of the house.

Ginger's life hasn't always been this picture-perfect.

Until not long ago, Ginger was living in a busy Los Angeles-area animal shelter. Lesley Brog, founder of the nonprofit animal rescue group Wags and Walks, spotted Ginger in the shelter.

Brog took note of the dog's sweet and loving personality, and thought she'd make a perfect pet — and that she deserved the chance to be someone's special companion.

"I call her my spirit animal," Brog told TODAY.

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Along came Stewart, who is working with the the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on an anti-dogfighting campaign.

He "expressed interest in fostering a dog, specifically a pit bull type dog," ASPCA spokesperson Emily Schneider said in an email. "We connected him with a wonderful L.A.-based rescue, Wags and Walks, and introduced Patrick and his wife to Ginger."

There's been a lot of "will they or won't they" speculation, since Stewart has been posting these preposterously darling, affectionate videos of Ginger online.

While the actor himself was unavailable to answer the question of whether he plans to adopt Ginger, to make things permanent, Schneider said that Stewart and his wife "are committed to helping Ginger find a safe and loving home."

Wags and Walks is taking adoption applications for Ginger and for the other dogs in the group's care. And there are whole lot of cuties looking for loving homes — including one named Julia Roberts — to go with our current dog-and-celebrity theme.

Brog said she's as thrilled as everyone else to see Ginger enjoying her new situation. It's not only what you're seeing on camera, either.

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The morning after Ginger's first night, Stewart's wife, Ozell, texted Brog to give her judgment that Ginger is an "angel in fur." She further said that even though the couple had been committed to keeping Ginger off the furniture, it didn't take. Sure enough: There was Ginger, in bed.

Brog is so happy to see Ginger so happy, and adored. Stewart and Ozell opening their home to a blocky-headed shelter dog may help dispel some of the untrue stereotypes that keep doors closed to other dogs like Ginger — great dogs just waiting to catch a big break.

"They're just doing a really, really beautiful thing," said Brog. "Hopefully this will help so many more."