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Party animals: See 19 pets living their best (secret) lives

From party pups to feline foodies, life is NOT ruff for your precious pets after you leave the house each day.
/ Source: TODAY

From party pups to feline foodies, life is apparently NOT ruff for your precious pets after you leave the house each day. While you work to bring home the bacon, your pets host epic parties, re-enact classic movies and save lives.

In honor of the new movie "The Secret Lives of Pets," from our sister company Universal, TODAY asked viewers to imagine what their furry friends do in their absence — and the responses did not disappoint.

After checking out the secret lives of your pets, we have just one question: Can we get an invite next time?

Here are 19 of our favorite pets posed as if they are living out their secret lives:


Palmer “likes to invite her friends over and do her best imitations of her humans. ‘What's up bro?’” — Megan H.

“Wally loves to hang out by the bar when we aren't home!” — Virginia M.

Finnegan throws a party: “We're not sure how he does it, but the house is always neat and clean when we get home.” — Barbara S.

"Ok they're gone, break out the popcorn and cold bottled water... Ruff ruff, quack quack!" — Jill Ann S.


Parker and Rug “become the costumed crime fighters ‘The White Lightning’ and ‘Rolling Thunder!’” — John B.

“Boo Boo…serves as [a] life guard making sure chipmunks don't fall into the pool.” — Christine J.


“While we are at work, Stella likes to re-enact 'Castaway' ... We've even started calling the orange ball in her mouth ‘Wilson!’” — Cindy G.

Beaz re-enacts her favorite movies and TV shows. “This was a ‘Breaking Bad’ day.” — Kathleen D.


“Starbuck watches highlights of her favorite soccer team!” — Allison P.

“Mom will never know I sit this close!” — Trish O.


Boy “loves jumping in the fridge!” — Mandy B.

Raisin steals “food from the counters!” — Ruth H.

“Steele cooks bacon.” — Amy H.


"Badger loves to read his favorite books when I'm not home and usually takes a snooze when he's reading.” — Michael M.

“I think Stella enjoys wine, treats and reading when I'm not home!” — Ashley P.


“Relaxing by the pool.” — Ralph C.

“Buddy loves to spend his time catching rays!” — Shelly G.


“Jackson plays hide and seek with himself.” — Salina A.

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“Lucy thinks she is hiding.” — Therese C.

Does your pet have an amazing secret life while you are away? Click here to share photos and videos with your pet posed in the way you think he or she spends alone time.