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Panda twins! It's twice the delight as Mei Xiang gives birth at the National Zoo

The popular panda cleared up any confusion about a possible pregnancy over the weekend, when she gave birth to tiny twins.
/ Source: TODAY

While officials at the National Zoo have suspected that Mei Xiang might be pregnant for some time, as of last week, they still weren't certain. But the popular panda cleared up any confusion about that over the weekend, when she gave birth to tiny twins.

Those tuned in to the zoo's Panda Cam on Saturday night were treated to quite a show as Mei Xiang delivered her cubs just hours apart.

The zoo hasn't determined the sex of either cub yet, but so far, both seem healthy — and loud!

The twins are currently spending equal amounts of time with mom and with animal care experts.

"The panda team will alternately swap the cubs, allowing one to nurse and spend time with Mei Xiang while the other is being bottle fed and kept warm in an incubator," the National Zoo revealed via a press release. "The primary goal for the panda team is for both cubs to have the benefit of nursing and spending time with their mother."

While pandas give birth to twins approximately 50 percent of the time, it's only happened three times before in the U.S.

The newborns weren't the only ones at the National Zoo with a birthday over the weekend. Their big sister, Bao Bao, turned two on Sunday.

Congratulations to the whole family!

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